Caramel Chilli Chicken

IMG_2910I saw this clip out on Janita’s fridge last night and thought, that sounds ok, I might give it a go.  It already had the stamp of approval from Janita (minus a score of Yum or otherwise though).

So, this afternoon, kids in tow, I ducked down to the grocery store for ginger, a chilli and fish sauce so I could try it out.

As you can see, I did not follow the recipe to its entirety, i.e., all the vegetables are completely different (what is gai laan???), but the sauce is made exactly as per the recipe.



Despite being ‘things in it’ (anyone who knows me understands this) you couldn’t even tell, it tasted very sweet and delicious, and worth a try again.  The true test will be when miss gets back from gymnastics and to see if she demolishes it or not.  Time will tell.