GingernutsGingernuts were a late entry into the recipe book, mainly because the recipe wasn’t easily found.  Despite being a regular staple for afternoon teas and snacks after school for Abby, the recipe wasn’t in the binders.  Fortunately, the recipe was found and included in the book and you can view the recipe here (or clicking the photo).

I made this batch up today, mainly because they are Abby’s favourite and we had demolished the left overs Janita recently dropped around to us.  Abby undertook the standard taste test and when she returned for a second I figured they must be ok.

I like this recipe, it was easy to make with minimal mess and I know they will get eaten!  Plus it will be a simple item I can include in Abby’s lunch box and she thinks it is a treat.  Well in some ways it is, as there is a bit of sugar, but everything in moderation – just ask Liz!  If you are looking for other super yummy, yet healthy recipe and eating ideas, check out Liz’s blog – Simple.Real.Nutrition

Happy baking and cooking.